About Us

Designed as an aggregated ordering and logistics platform to facilitate the last mile delivery of food, groceries, meat & poultry, OFT is setting up single point delivery stations at Apartments, Gated Communities, IT parks, Universities, etc. Currently in the process of setting up OMR Food Stations at 500 Apartments, 50 IT parks, 5 SIPCOTs, 25 Corporation parks and 10 universities in your city

What you get

All in One Aggregator App

Order all your favourite food, groceries, meat, poultry even medicine from your favourite outlets as one single order. OMR Food Train App

Train of Food Trucks

Get all your favourite foods/ groceries through a train of food trucks from the comfort of your premises. A couple of your customer parking lots is more than sufficient. Our trucks deliver your ordered goods every half hour.

Last Yard Delivery Assistant

Stop all unauthorized delivery personnel from entering your premises. Our exclusive OFT authorized station masters shall deliver your goods at your door steps for your convenience.

Pickup Point

Our new age food warmers and chillers at this station shall keep your food / grocery / medicine at optimal temperatures until you pick it up at your gate counter..

Drop Point

A easy drop point for your goods return. Exchanges now becomes easy.

State of the Art Covid Protection

> 85 deg C food warmers UV ray atomizers Alcohol disinfectant Touch Free Thermometers Finger Pulse Oxymeters All your inward goods are now completely clean and Covid FREE.